Surf School
In Carcavelos

Lovers of sports connected with nature and surfers since childhood, Miguel Montalvão and Tiago Mendonça predicted that the evolution of surfing would quickly reach significant levels of massification.
In this context, the objective pursued by these two teachers and coaches who founded this surf school was always to educate surfers to be polite, tolerant, respectful of the old values ​​of the Hawaiian tribes, of the “Aloha” spirit, of “knowing how to behave” inside the water, the values of humility and free surfing. Within this context, over the years they worked together, they trained surfers, surf teachers, monitors, judges and athletes, based on the work carried out, both in the field of school sports, as P.E. teachers in professional courses related to sport and also as surf coaches.
Accompanied, since the creation of the school, by former student and now coach Inês ”Mitola” Pereira, they created a concept of 3-level sequential learning: beginners, improvement and advanced. These levels serve as a reference for the coaches who teach the surf lessons at our school and are assigned to new students who become part of this great family that is the 69slam surf school! The name of the school came from the friendship and mutual professional recognition between the two founders of this surf school and the Australian brand of beachwear, “69slam”, with great expression in Indonesia.
From March 28, 2016, onwards, the day that Tiago sadly left us after an inglorious fight against pancreatic cancer, the surf school started to be led by the managing partner and founder Miguel Montalvão and by the always faithful and competent coach, "Mitola". Currently, Miguel is at the helm of this project, with the significant and assertive support of coaches Carlos Simões and Samuel Santa Maria. The school's activity maintains its focus on teaching surfing for health and leisure, for school sports and for training professionals within the technical sports courses of the Ministry of Education.
Miguel Montalvão

Resident in Carcavelos since 1975, with three generations of family connected to this village, he started playing with Styrofoam surfboards on this beach at the age of 5 and has been surfing since the age of 11, when he bought his first board (1983).

Always connected to sports, he naturally followed a career as a physical education teacher, tennis coach and surf coach.

He also has Stand-up-Paddle Surfing instructor courses and training in teaching Padel and is one of the precursors of teaching Surf in school sports in the Estoril line. He is the current owner of the Surf school and one of the few Surf coaches giving lessons in Carcavelos, who actually grew up and lived in this town.


With a young and dynamic team, with several years of experience we want to share with you our passion for waves! Join us! We are at Carcavelos beach waiting for you.